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Brett Shifflett
Owner of Keep It Clean Detailing

Detailing has always been one of my many passions.  Growing up in rural Virginia, I had a '94 Ford pickup that had been passed down in my family and like any teenager it was my version of a Porsche, I wanted it pristine at all times and so began my love for detailing.  


Outside of detailing, I completed my undergraduate studies in architecture at Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2018.  Here I learned many different skills that allowed me to construct this website and establish personalized marketing.  The other skills I acquired in school are currently being put to use at my day job with Design Services at the University of Virginia.  I am hoping to complete my Master's Degree in architecture at SIU followed by the pursuit of my licensure into becoming a Virginia architect by 2025. 

Everything you have seen is a product of hard work and dedication.  We are just a small, local business that would love the chance to earn your business and get your ride looking good as new!  We cannot wait to work with you!

Our setup

Primarily mobile, our office goes with us instead of us to it.  A full enclosed trailer houses everything needed to detail the largest of jobs.  We have the capability of hauling hundreds of gallons of water on site as well as our own equipment and electricity.  Convenience is the key behind our business, let us do the work and you enjoy soaking up the results.

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