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Ceramics and hydrophobic sealants are the future of the detailing world, offering longer-lasting protection, superior paint enhancement & extreme shine.  Keep It Clean Detailing is partnered with System X ceramic coatings as a certified installer for all of their products.  This means that all of our work is backed by their specified product warranties ranging from two years all the way up their Diamond line with a lifetime warranty!

What is it?

Nanotech Surface Protection.JPG

A liquid compound that is chemically bonded to the surfaces shield them from the elements and debris.  Our vehicles are constantly taking abuse from the great outdoors and are always collecting contaminants on the way. When a car is properly detail we use products to remove these contaminants, clean the surface and then protect them in some way.  This process will usually last 3-6 months and will then need to be repeated in order to maintain the integrity and a superior visual aesthetic With ceramic coatings we can inflate that protection ten times over - simply put, it is the ultimate protection for your investments. 

Nanotech Surface Protection.JPG

What does it do?



What is best for me?

Reach out to us about System X and see what is the best product for you!  No two investments are the same and we will tailor our services and products to your specific needs providing you with the highest quality service possible!  You can also check out element 119's FAQ page here and see just how incredible the product is. See our full product catalog here.

Click on any of the vehicles below to check out our System X clients here at KIC!

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